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Traditional Remedies  & Personal Care Products

Akeyulerre operates a traditional remedy enterprise which employs Arrernte elders to collect healing plants and grind the leaves into a paste. 

A small team of workers then prepares the material to produce healing oils and balms. Each product has a different purpose including skin irritations, coughs and colds and aching muscles and joints. We also make a range of personal care items including soaps, moisturisers, oils and lip balm, all made with ingredients from native plants.

While these remedies are available to the public for sale, Akeyulerre provides them free of charge to all the Arrernte families. This is a core service for Akeyulerre as we strive to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Central Australia.

The Interrentye program supports the maintenance of this important cultural knowledge amongst the younger generations


Photo: Eva Hayes grinding bush medicine at Akeyulerre 

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