Awemele Itelaretyeke - Listen and Understand is an app produced as a legacy to the project in 2020. It has been first and foremost created for the next generation of Arrernte people, to promote Arrernte language and knowledge in Mparntwe, Alice Springs.

It houses all of the audio recording from the project. The 'fifty words everyone living in Mparntwe should know' words and phrases and two audio tours, including a new one 'Akertne-ntyele awetyeke (Listen from the top).

To download for Android or iOS, search for 'Awemele itelaretyeke' in the app store or google play store.


"We do language work ampe ingkernerenye mape-ke for those children who come after us. It’s for the kids first, and for all Arrernte people, so they can be proud of who they are. That’s the most important thing for us.


And then secondly, for non-Aboriginal people. So they can akaltye-irremele learn and itelaretyeke understand. So they might understand more about being here on our country - Apmere Mparntwe and the neighbouring areas."


The app gives people in Mparntwe another way to access the sound of Central/Eastern Arrernte language alongside the written words, and to see this place through the eyes of a group of Mparntwe’s custodians. It is just one resource in an incredible legacy of enduring knowledge work carried out by Arrernte custodians working today, and those who have come before.


The app was created through Akeyluerre Healing Centre with financial support from Centrecorp. For any questions, feedback or concerns please contact Akeyluerre Healing Centre.



Alison Ferber, Amelia Kngwarraye Turner, Benedict Stevens, Felicity Hayes, Gabriel Kngwarraye Turner, Julie Hayes, Lorrayne Gorey, Magdalene Marshall, Margaret Kemarre Turner, Mervyn Rubuntja, Michael Gorey, Peter Coco Wallace, Shirley Kngwarraye Turner, Stephen Kernan, Veronica Kngwarraye Turner, William (Nookie) Lowah, Wyonna Palmer



Edan Baxter - Spinifex Valley



Bryan Phillips, William Lowah, Beth Sometimes, Vito Lucarelli



Amelia Kngwarraye Turner, Beth Sometimes, Magdalene Marshall, Shirley Kngwarraye Turner